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30th Annual
Circle of Art Show and Sale
March 14 - 15, 2020
Entry Form
Deadline February 15, 2020
Read Exhibitor Requirements
Fill in all applicable information, then print & mail this form, materials and your check
for the entry fee of $125.00 (and a $20.00 Jury Fee for new exhibitors) payable to:
Circle of Art
PO Box 1914
Borrego Springs, CA 92004-1914
First Name     Last Name    
Mailing Address  
City      State      Zip Code  
E-Mail         Phone  
Art Media     Cell-Phone
Special Display Requirements
Free Dry Camping Required  Yes   No      If yes, Please provide the following:
License Plate Number
State Board of Equalization California Resale Permit Number   
A current California State Resale permit is required for participation
I certify that the accompanying slides/prints (3 of artwork and 1 of booth display) are representative of my own work. I agree to make no claim for any reason whatsoever against Circle of Art organization, nor any person or organization affiliated with the show for loss, theft, damage, destruction or non-delivery  of goods, display materials or their effects; nor any injury to myself or employees or representatives, before, during or after the art show in which I participate.
Signature __________________________________________________     Date  
Mail this form, materials and your check(s) to Circle of Art:
Circle of Art  PO Box 1914, Borrego Springs, CA 92004-1914