"I am lucky... God gave me good health, good  
friends and the ability to do  
what I want most in life...  
...to paint

Armand Vallee died suddenly and peacefully at home without suffering this February at age 87.
His business and website will be continued under new management.

Unfortunately there will be no 2010 calendars but the 2011 calendar will be published in mid summer and you will be notified when they are available.

Armand's artistic works will endure and through his paintings he will always remain with us.

There are prints, cards, coffee mugs and originals still available info@valleeart.com

Warm regards,
Liesel's Art Studio
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Armand Frederick Vallée
is an extraordinary man...

       His remarkable accomplishments are due as much to his perseverance to work as an artist as to his exceptional talent. His paintbrush is one of spontaneity and radiance, each painting is a joyful celebration of life in all its myriad forms.

       Born in 1921 into a family of artists, writers and musicians in Austria, ART was a way of life. Armand received his formal art training and education at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich with post graduate studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Dusseldorf. War broke out and interrupted his life.

       After the war Armand continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna, moved on to Switzerland, and began to rebuild his career : Art travels to Italy, France, Spain. Studies in Art Restoration, Mural Technique and Paper Making.

       In 1951, he left Europe for North America.

       Since then he has captured the Canadian North on canvas, painted from Alaska to Mexico; desert and mountain landscapes, studies of Native Indians, contemporary city life. He has painted the oil industry in the field, cells under a microscope, ceremonial Munecas, spiritual Totems at Queen Charlotte Islands and Alaska. The essence of Shifting Energy and Motion is captured in his latest observation studies in oil..... the spirit of our time..."Zeitgeist".

       Armand is a master of oil painting and equally noted for his watercolors. He also works in casein colors, gouache, silk-screen, stone print, lino cut, pastel and charcoal. His free and independent spirit is always exploring - his artistic vision is always new and versatile in idea, while his technique and execution is guided by the discipline of his formal art training.

       His work reflects the genuine devotion of a master to his ART.

       Armand is a visual explorer. Intimately connected to his environment. He is able to translate its vitality to paper or canvas. From his deep love of drawing and a strong will to work stem all his energy and his ideas.

Artist Statement

Art is my religion, my joy, my life.
Color, texture, pattern and surface are fascinating to my senses
So are people, faces, places and different cultures
My devotion to painting, to explore and create is equal only to my strong love for NATURE and HUMANITY.

Nature has nourished and sustained my spiritual well being. Humanity has related my work with freedom, with emotion, the joy and also the sorrows of life.

My work - the journal of my life-


Watercolor West
American Watercolor Society
National    Watercolor    Society
Circle Des Artistes International, France
Societe des Artistes Internatioal, Suisse
Societe des Artistes Peintre Figuratifs, France

Major Series

Heritage Paintings The Religion and Mythology
of the North American Indian
Lascaux Mon Amour Rebekah
The Colorado Desert Aphrodite
The Wallenberg Collection Jewels of the Desert
Medical Research Cycle Ceremonial Munecas
Stella Matutina Gold and Blue
Totems Zeitgeist - a Journey of
Mind and Soul

"...It was in the early spring,
when the snow was very white,
and the first grass beautiful green.
The earth was dark and smelling sweet.
It was in the early spring,
when I became a painter."
(Austria 1936)

Copyright © Valléeart 1999 All rights reserved by the artist.
No artwork maybe reproduced in any form without the Artists permission.

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