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Borrego Springs Circle of Art

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1992 - Oil Painting by Dillie Thomas
1993 - Oil Painting by Bill Roach
1994 - Oil Painting by Marjorie Reed
1995 - Watercolor by Carol  Duffy
1996 - Watercolor by Andre' Blanchet
1997 - Watercolor by Robert A. Fleming
Circle of Art
Borrego Springs CA  March 1998
1998 - Oil Painting by Dillie Thomas
"Wildflowers, Borrego Springs"
Borrego Valley Springtime
Circle of Art
Borrego Springs CA March 6-7, 1999
1999 - Oil Painting by Dusty Kinman
"Borrego Valley Springtime "
2000 - Photograph & Clay Pottery by David Salk
2001 - Watercolor by Andre' Blanche
2002 - Oil Painting by Nancy Lynn
2003 - Oil Painting by Lee Jayred
2004 - Oil Painting by Dorothy Cochran
2005 -Watercolor by Sunny Daniels
2006 - Photograph by Jo Ann Ginepra
"Presidio Jail Door"
2007 - Oil Painting by Kerry Kinman
 "Coyote Mountain Verbena"
2008 -Oil Painting by Armand Vallee
"Sunset over the Desert"
2009 - Photograph & Sculpture by Felicia Nawa
"Cahuilla Seed Gatherer"
2010 - Watercolor by Robert A. Fleming
"A Borrego Gathering"
2011 - Photograph by Tomas Campbell
 "Storm Light"
Circle of Art
Borrego Springs, CA - March 24-25, 2012
2012 - "Ocotillo" by Nancy Lyn
2013 -  Photograph of Pottery
"Desert Dreaming"
2014 -  Watercolor by Jacque Goodrich
"Celebrating Desert Glory"
2016 - Ian Ely, Photographer, "Astraeus Whisper"
2018 - "Brittlebush in Glorietta"
by Barbara Nickerson
2015 - Oil painting by  Karen Petrovich
"Path of Thorns"
2017 - Laurie Roberts, Artist, oil painting,
"Fish Creek Moon Shadows in Anza Borrego"
2019 - "Borrego's Celestial Serpent"
photograph by Griff Lacey
metal art by Ricardo Breceda
Prints suitable for framing may be purchased from Circle of Art in Borrego Springs, CA.
Some Pints are no longer available.
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